The Winter Devil


Artworks by Unknown

T h e W I n t e r D e v i l
Unique | Humanoid


The Winter Devil is described as a hulking creature that stands tall, looking more like a giant beast. Two large horns arc back from its head, with a skinny curl of fur along its chin. The devil’s eyes are described as being pure black and there seems to be a red glow leaking out from the back of its throat as if there is a literal fire inside its stomach. The creature dresses in a short, red, tattered cloak. The creature carries with it a beaten burlap sack that appears to be stained with dried blood. The creature’s feet are hoven and its hands are ended in long jointed fingers that end with claws that stories say can slash stone.

The devil was at first thought to be a wild beast but is known to be sentient, hunting down specific targets. The creature is also known to be highly violent, beating its targets without mercy.

REGION (all)
The Devil’s home is unknown, however, during the last 5 days of the holidays, it is known to appear in all the cities the Toy giver did, in the exact same order.

  • None

  • Sweet Intolerance
    • This is nothing more than a rumor as it has never been successfully tested, but it is rumored the devil is incapable of being near sweets for long.
  • Hunter of the wicked
    • The Devil hunts down those who were not given toys by the toy giver. It is known that it does so by smell and works down a list of sorts that it will check. Seeming to go after the worst and working its way down.
  • Seasonal Immortality
    • The Devil has been rumored to be immortal, always popping back up at the same time every year regardless if it had been reported slain the previous year.