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Staff Role Clarification


Total overview​




What is Progression?: Progression is considered to be anything that happens to further a character and shapes them, by either seeing and obtaining higher powers, such as magic, or otherwise developing the character’s personality, story and motif throughout their lifespan within the server. In short, character progression is how a character changes(or evolves) throughout the story of the server. Progression team is a subteam of the event team. More info can be found here.

What are Events?: Events are adventures and happenings that are organized by the event team to provide content, entertainment and progression to the players. These can range in both rewards and difficulty, as well as theme and location. Whether they are planned in advance, discovered after scouting the map or randomly rolled as an encounter, they are sure to give you something to do and a source for character development.

What is Build Team?: Build team contains the creative architects and decorators that contribute their hard work to the server by constructing all the buildings that we might need. This mostly includes expansions to the city, the development of roads and modifications of the landscape but also event sites and player requests.

What is Lore?: Lore is the very baseline of our server, from the main plot to the various flora and fauna, the team develops and approves interesting submissions to the server and forums to add to our always improving offer of content. They fill in the blanks where needed and make sure that nothing in the world seems out of place.

World Building Conclusion: Anything to do with the integrity of the setting falls under the world building umbrella and these teams tend to work together closely to make sure that everything is compatible with the environment that already exists on the server.

Game Mechanics​


What are Mechanics?: The Mechanics team operates very similarly to the lore team but instead of focusing on the integrity of the setting, this team decides over the balance and quality of our many systems. They are the ones who approve things such as character abilities to ensure that the playing field is equal and everyone can utilize fair powers and systems that they constantly evaluate to combat loopholes and overpowered concepts.

What is Item Team?: Item Team, or more commonly referred to as “CIT” (Custom Items Team) is responsible for creating the many lored items we provide for roleplay purposes on our Inkwell. Not only do they work with the event team to create the desired loot, but they also approve the inventions and designs of our many innovative craftsmen. Aside from itemization, they also decide over the economy from a staff perspective. Pricing of items in NPC stores, the sale of land and buildings, all fall under their domain.

Game Mechanics Conclusion: It is important to have balance in all things, the priority of this team is without a doubt maintaining this very balance as accurately as humanly possible. They regulate what seems the fairest in terms of prices, event rewards, abilities and generally everything else that might affect the general stability and scaling of the content on the server. Whilst there are no separate teams for custom items and economy, there might be certain members in CIT who have their own focus or specialization in either of these fields.



What is moderation?: Moderation is responsible for making sure that concerns are heard, everyone is being treated equally, and that troublemakers don’t get free rein on Inkwell. Whether you want someone for supervision because you’re nervous about a certain conversation you need to have or you believe someone is doing something they’re not supposed to, these empathic ambassadors will gladly be there for you if you need someone to be. They keep an eye out to keep the community safe and make sure that everyone feels welcome whilst. Both the Whitelist and PR teams are subteams of moderation, thus they coordinate closely with one another to ensure that the server mission and safety is upheld.

What is PR?: PR, or public relations, was established as a subteam of moderation to lend a hand when it comes to announcements and advertising, as well as our public image. They are in charge of promoting things such as our holiday specials and essential updates. If you have concerns about how something is portrayed or how something affects the community, feel free to raise them to one of our PR members so that they can investigate the matter.

What is Whitelist?: Whitelist team as the name implies is entirely responsible for setting up and responding to whitelist applications. Anyone who is currently active on the server has interacted with this team by default, thus they play a crucial role in both maintaining the standards and the security of the server by vetting and quality checking the incoming players.



Owner: This busy Bee is the supreme power on the server, having an end-say on all decisions that are taken. Generally the owner works most closely with the team leads in order to make those decisions the right ones.

Teamleads: These helping hands are what might be referred to as administrators on different servers. Together with the owner, they understand the bigger picture and handle things accordingly. They have superior power in their respective fields as explained by the hierarchy chart, but may also partake in certain decisions involving the departments of their colleagues except for moderation which is reserved for the owner and head mod.

Supervisors: Whereas teamleads have a wider reach, these supervisors are administrators of their own teams. They are the bridge between the teams and the teamleads, often making practical decisions and finding solutions to any obstacle their respective team might come across. With their expert coordination, we help steer the server into the right direction.

Senior Staff: These experienced staff members have made major contributions to our server and are well respected members of the community. They have shown on countless occasions that they can be depended upon and have earned a high level of trust. Often tasked with mentoring junior staff members, they will help their supervisor and team leader by helping them maintain the team’s missions as they understand the server direction.

Staff: No longer considered new to the team, these members have proven themselves enough to be full staff members with all the associated permissions and authority. Now able to work completely independently, they provide their valuable expertise to keep the server moving forward and generously volunteer to help us provide the players with content, security and stability.

Junior Staff: Reserved for the newest additions to the staff team, these recruits are still on their trial time, so it can be determined whether they fit on the roster. This is their chance to prove themselves in their respective teams, and they will be evaluated by their supervisor to determine when and whether they have done enough to earn a promotion to full staff. If a Junior staff member fails to meet expectations or breaks too many rules, they will be demoted back to being a regular player.

Player: These might be at the bottom of the hierarchy, but they are at the top of our priority. They are the reason the server can thrive, and the very reason the staff team exists in the first place. Without them, any other role would be pointless and that is why our team will do everything it can to cater to these players in the best way possible.