Server Concepts Guidelines (Techlock)


Server Concepts Guidelines


General Theme: Medieval Aesthetic mixed with elements of High Fantasy, Steampunk, and Archanopunk

Explored Themes:
  • High-Dimensional Concepts (On Occasion)
  • Planes of Existence
  • Custom Metaphysics and In-Universe Physics
  • Multiverses and Timelines (Not Time Travel)
  • Higher Powers
  • Mutations and Supernatural Anomalies
  • Technological Development (Within General Theme)
  • Blood, Maiming, Permanent Injury, etc.
  • Ghosts/Death
  • Alcohol/Drugs (Smokeables, Topicals, and Edibles Only - No injections unless it's a vaccine or cure!)
  • Power Fantasy
  • In-Character Research

Disclaimer: The following lists are not conclusive and are subject to change as required by the staff team.

These concepts are specifically allowed, so long as a player has the means to produce them and doesn’t violate the General Theme or Mission Statement:
  • Porting Characters
  • Space Travel (Including FTL)
  • Energy Weapons
  • Magic-based Technologies
  • Reality Manipulation (Dreamweaving)
  • Timeline, Dimension, and World Hopping
  • Flintlock Pistols, Revolvers, Muskets, Shotguns, Weaker Rifles, Bayonets, etc. (We have a lore equivalent for gunpowder.)
  • Sonic Manipulation (Levitation, Sundering, Lock Picking, etc.)
  • Medicine and Poisons are allowed within the context of the Alchemy System
  • Vehicles such as Bicycles, Buggies, Trains, Airships, and Boats. All of these may be automated, so long as it fits within the General Theme and doesn’t break established game balance.
  • Illusions that use all 5 Senses
  • Image, Moving Picture, and Audio Storage
  • Prosthetics
  • Communication Technology - The amount of maximum recipients and range are decided on item creation.
  • Video Game-like Simulations
  • Film-like Projections
  • Clockpunk/Gearpunk/Steampunk is allowed in limited, individual constructs, such as a mechanical pet or weapon. Machines are allowed, but keep them off to the side.
  • Woodpunk
  • Mutations
  • Blood Manipulation
  • Magically animated objects
  • Identification Magic
  • Computers - These are heavily scrutinized, however, and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Don't expect to make a modern computer or supercomputer and expect to make it feel like fantasy. (LT will use discretion when it comes to these.)

Rejected Concepts:
  • Outright Sexual Themes (This is due to server rating and rules, suggestiveness is ok)
  • Time Travel (Sorry folks, it’s just super messy to write with.) - Time manipulation is also heavily regulated.
  • Rapid-Fire Modern Guns (Machine Guns, Submachine Guns, Gatling Guns, etc.) and general gun advancements beyond flintlocks. Certain exceptions may be granted for magically enhanced guns.
  • Actual Grenade Launchers - Bomb Lobbers are ok.
  • Modern Military Vehicles (Tanks, Drones, Aircraft, Metal Boats) - Similar fantasy equivalents are allowed within reason. (ie, golems, witch’s brooms, animated siege weapons, that sort of thing)
  • Full-on Soul Manipulation
  • Electricity- lightning is ok.
  • Gunpowder (We use a lore equivalent called blast powder instead.)
  • Full-scale Industrialization
  • Mana generating items or technology, outside of event loot.

Rulings Regarding Science: All rulings are made with the internal metaphysics of the server. As such, normal laws of nature, such as physics, chemistry, anatomy, etc. don't always apply. Rather, they are based on the physics of Source and Mana, a document of which is written, with some exceptions handwaved as needed. As such, ported characters’ knowledge don’t always apply.

Rule of Cool: Some concepts may be allowed through if they’re deemed to be aligned with the General Theme and don’t conflict with the server’s mission. Likewise, some concepts may be declined for the same reason.

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