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On Witchcraft​


Symbolism: Witchcraft derives the majority of its power through the use of color in rituals. In doing so, the witch can derive magic from the concepts that color symbolizes and largely derives from intent. So long as the symbology is utilized correctly, the effect will be implemented accordingly. A full list of colors and common symbolism is listed below:
  • Red: West, Creativity, Energy, Love, Seduction, Passion, Fury, Fire
  • Orange: Luck, Warmth, Sun, Hunger, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Change
  • Yellow: Creativity, Energy, Contentment, Happiness, Luck, Wisdom, Intellect, Optimism, Logic, Concentration, Joy
  • Green: Earth, Home, Luck, Life, Growth, Money, Safety, Fertility, Resurrection, Calm
  • Blue: East, Emotion, Psyche, Movement, Water, Calm, Peace, Tranquility, Loyalty, Wisdom, Trust
  • Purple: Psyche, Spiritualism, Royalty, Wealth, Luxury, Extravagance, Sophistication, Magic, Mystery, Power, Pleasure
  • Pink: Care, Compassion, Relationship, Empathy, Love
  • Brown: Life, Solid, Real, Warmth, Security, Earth, Poverty
  • Black: South, Death, Authority, Power, Submission, Evil, Negative, Formality
  • White: North, New Beginnings, Hope, Air, Communication, Luck, Omnipotence, Purity, Ceremony, Innocence, Positive, Clean, Radiance

Note: This list is not extensive and is open to further interpretation, as long as it isn’t already listed here. Variants of colors will be ruled as needed.

Mediums: In any ritual, one requires an appropriate source of magic to serve as the source of power for their rituals. Typically, witches will take these mediums into the circle along with an Essentia crystal of appropriate strength before conducting it. Every medium has the property of attracting anything symbolically related to that source and repelling the polar opposite. These are referred to as “tokens,” which attract forces, and “wards,” which repel forces, respectively. Using this allows the witch to utilize symbolism of higher powers in place of color, functioning as magical materials. Alternatively, Teric runes can be used to serve as a magic type.

  • Spell Jars: By storing a variety of herbs, gemstones, and other symbolic objects in a jar, a witch can create a premade ‘spell jar’ which allows them the ability to cast a spell on the fly. Typically, these jars are accompanied by a note, typically written in Teric— although any language is valid— these notes allow one to, through the use of an Essentia crystal, empower their magic. Spell jars cannot be recharged.
  • Charms: A more common way to engage in spellcasting is through the power of small magical objects called ‘charms.’ Typically, these objects are designed to create spells through inherent symbolism and, sometimes, a helpful inscription, often through the use of Teric. Usually, these are prepared either through a spell jar or spell circle, although Teric sigils may be used as well. One may utilize an Essentia crystal to empower the spell by touching it to the charm.
  • Spell Circles: At the core of spell circles is the usage of chalk drawn from Buttress Limestone. This inherently magical chalk allows for a unique reaction with mana, the energy that maintains the rules of reality, through ritualism. Namely, a simple circle is drawn upon the ground, at which point the witch will either implement a pattern and some variety of magical or mundane objects, depending on the nature of the ritual in question. This allows them to commune with the gods and spirits and allows them to cast spells with the help of incense, candles, and the like.
  • Hexes vs Curses: Witch spells are split between short-term spells known as “hexes” and long-term spells known as “curses.” Generally speaking, the longer the spell is intended to last (and especially when that spell is permanent) the more reagents and power one must commit. Oftentimes, longer-lasting spells will also involve a longer casting time due to complexity, sometimes lasting several hours.
    • Curses that last for an extended period must have a realistically attainable reversal method that fits the power level of the curse.

Progression: Witchcraft is acquired through learning theory on the subject and an understanding of the Teric language, although the language is optional for witches. ICly, your character can spend this language learning time (assumed) to learn the nuances of witchcraft and its symbolism.

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