[Item (No Mechanics)] MooWood's Custom Item Application for &7Navigator's Grace Anchor


New member

Which account do you want to receive this item? MooWood

What is this application for? Item (No Mechanics)

Name of Creator(s) Natanya Atiri

Name of Item &7Navigator's Grace Anchor

Number of Items Being Applied For 1

Rarity of Item Being Created Common

What Minecraft item would you like it to be? Polished Granite Block

Materials Used in Creation of Item Granite

Which of these materials do you actually own? Where are they located? None

Flavor Description of Item A bit of an odd sight, this. Hewn of a bland grey granite and polished to a shine, this sphere measures exactly 6cm in diameter and is blank for all but a small chiseled anchor. However, despite no apparent function or aesthetic qualities, it sits very deliberately in a wooden cradle, suitable for keeping it from rolling when placed on a shelf or desk.

Function Description of Item This sphere is linked to the Navigator's Compass and functions as its reference point.

Crafting RP Sourcing the chunk of granite was no great issue. The issue was bringing it back to the shipyard and deciding which tools to sacrifice to this block of stone. Though it is not her usual work, nor is it particularly enjoyable or exciting, Natanya sets to the task of slowly chipping away at the block of granite until it meets the measurements she requires and is at least roughly spherical. In the day and night that ensue, she can be found in the workshop sanding it down against a peddle-cranked belt sander until it more and more resembles a sphere. She'd break at some point in the work to engrave a small anchor onto the prettiest side of it, then finishes polishing and brings it in to link to the compass...