Eliyan (Mind)


Artworks by CindyAvelino (left), Tamlin123 (middle), Sam Santala (right)

E l i y a n
The Clever

What the Eliyan lack in physical might compared to their body-oriented brethren, they gain in their unmatched mental capabilities. The Eliyan Draca are a breed said to have been born and descended from the dragons of Mind, regardless of their Gelyve or Volsung alignment, and as such, they have gained Mental capabilities beyond anything that has been seen before within the world by any other race. Eliyan have the unique ability to speak their mind without uttering words, or sometimes breathe out waves of psychic energy rather than physical, elemental manifestations. They are lightweight and often nimble, often due to their reflexes, and while they aren’t the most physically powerful race, they possess an odd ability in the case they must cut their losses, as they are able to detach and lose limbs which they can later grow back up, allowing them to run from even the fiercest of predators.

150 yrs

Male: 3’5” - 5’0”
Female: 3’5” - 5’0”

Skin Colors:

Hair Colors:

Eye Colors:


Lightweight: The small, sometimes lithe stature of Eliyans allows them to be swift and nimble, with somewhat flexible bones allowing them to fit into tight crawl spaces.

Psionic Mind: Eliyans can telepathically speak to any creature they can see within 10 meters of them. They don’t need to share a language with the creature, but the creature must be able to understand at least one language.
  • As part of this trait, Eliyans learn languages 25% quicker if they are being taught by a person who knows said language, as they almost passively “leech” language off of those around them due to their mind being opened to the world.

Psychic Breath: Eliyans are unique in the fact that they can select Psychic as the Damage Type of their Dragon’s Breath.

Caudal Separation: Eliyans are known to be very difficult to catch and maim. Should the Eliyan find themselves with an amputated limb, they are capable of regrowing that limb following the injury rules, this includes the amount of time it takes for injuries to heal. With the injury being proportional to the size of the limb lost. Additionally, a Eliyan may desire to detach their limbs at will.
  • Eliyans can choose to activate this ability on any limb they choose with the exception of the head.


Size Issue: Eliyans suffer disadvantage using weapons with the [Heavy] property within the combat system due to their smaller stature.

Caudal Separation: Eliyans are known to be very difficult to catch and maim due to their ability to detach their limbs at will. However, this ability does not come without its costs to the Eliyan’s body.
  • Using this ability requires a large number of calories, meaning that Eliyan cannot serve as an infinite source of food or flesh, and must eat meat proportional to the amount regrown.
Psychic Attachment: It is not uncommon for Eliyans to have various mental instabilities or mental weaknesses, while this is not the case for every Eliyan, it is common. Eliyan are often weak to mental attacks due to them constantly releasing psychic energy. This mechanically is a -1 penalty to resist mind-affecting effects. This penalty increases to 2 if their breath damage is Psychic.