[Artifice] MooWood's Custom Item Application for &f- &8Navigator's Grace &f-


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What is this application for? Artifice

What is your runic chain?
Position Chain: >[Target] [Earth](Steel, Glass, Wood=Compass)[Shape](Cylindrical, Diameter 6 cm, Height 4 cm), [Link][Target][Earth](Granite=Anchor)[Shape](Spherical, Diameter 6 cm) >[Detect][Movement][Earth(Compass)] Away from [Earth(Anchor)] [Transmit] [Motion], [Movement]Rotate [Earth(Compass)] Away-from position Face-Up

Projection Chain: >[Store][Light] >[Detect] (Button Press), [Release][Light][Illusion](Red dot at Point Away-From (Anchor)[Shape](Spherical)

Name of Creator(s) Natanya Aitiri, assisted by Bonnie Forest

Name of Item &f- &8Navigator's Grace &f-

Number of Items Being Applied For 1

Rarity of Item Being Created Uncommon

What Minecraft item would you like it to be? Compass

Materials Used in Creation of Item Steel, glass, ebony wood, 1 standard Essentia (used upon crafting)

Which of these materials do you actually own? Where are they located? Essentia, in inventory

Flavor Description of Item At first glance, this odd little trinket resembles a compass- a needle pointing north within a steel and glass housing. Taking another look, this little trinket is more complicated than it lets on. The compass rose is in fact a globe, covered in tiny punches of stars and constellations. One might notice a slot for Essentia on one side of the compass, or on its surface ring of inlaid ebony wood around encircling the glass, engraved with faintly-glowing Teric runes. A small button sits at the side, underneath a ring to attach the item to a necklace or watch chain.

Function Description of Item As it moves, the globe within rotates to match the rough current position of the stars above itself. When activated, the star globe within projects to display a small illusory star map of the sky above wherever an individual might be standing, allowing one to navigate by the stars even in poor weather if need be.

Crafting RP The Drafting:
With missions out to sea looming and the concern of what could become of her ships and crew, Natanya sets to work on an idea to better navigate the poor weather that may come. She begins sketches for a compass-like structure with a globe in the place of a compass rose. Though heading will still be marked, she has in mind something of a star-map- one that would rotate relative to itself, to some kind of anchor point... Her evenings not spent with Storm slip by in the library in town or the reference books at the shipwright, and she herself does everything she can to recall the constellations she had seen in her time sailing across the world. While a daunting task, Natanya eventually arrives at a compass design and a layout for the globe within. The Teric proves frustrating as well, with all kinds of math and proportional calculations going into the construction of something that will, at least in theory, produce the effect she wants. She consults her notes from lessons with Storm on runes she had yet to use before, and comes up with a chain that could cause the compass to function as desired. It's low-tech and requires some extra elbow grease, but one following morning Natanya drops off the measurements and a draft to Bonnie to request the housing be constructed.

The Housing: (Bonnie)
Approaching the forge, Bonnie picks up a chunk of steel from the pile, looking it over for defects. when they are happy with the quality of the material, they place the small chunk into the flames, watching as it heats up. When it is glowing an iridescent yellow, they remove it from the forge and hammer a wedge into the piece, creating two small blobs of metal. taking the first piece, they heat it back up, bringing it back to temperature before removing it and beginning to hammer it using their ball peen hammer and a divot, heating and hammering the piece into a compass housing half, a simple slightly rounded affair. Using the second piece, they would hammer it into an additional housing, creating two identical pieces, with their bevels. then, reheating each of the pieces, they would let them both cool off to room temperature before returning them too the flames four times.

They then gently sand the item, removing any tiny imperfections. Then, they heat up both pieces again, quenching them quickly, before again reheating them too a lower temperature and letting them each cool down. With a final look at their work, they begin the last step, slowly polishing and buffing the housings until they shine too perfection.

The Globe:
With the metal components complete, Natanya brings her notes and references for star maps over and marks out a composite draft for herself including the major constellations that will be guiding her way as they once did so long, long ago. Not every star in the sky needs be marked, but these ones- these are what she will look for to determine her heading. Natanya transfers the draft onto the globe and takes a tiny punch tool to begin pock-marking the surface so that the star map can project when the teric activates to shine through it.

The Assembly:
With all the metallic components finished and ready to go, Natanya thanks the gods that this project is small enough to use discards from other models, and finds a suitable panel of ebony wood that she can shape into the rim of the compass. She marks out a circle in pencil and scores along the edge until she can fit a saw through the board and cut out the middle. Corners and excess are trimmed off and a groove is carved along the underside to fit over the compass housing and snap it into place. The compass halves fit, the orb within, and she slides a chain through the lop at the top.

The Engraving:
Before the compass can be called complete, Natanya pencils on her teric chain to the ebony ring keeping the compass closed. Once the runes have been marked down properly and double-checked, Natanya takes a v-gouge and carves out the Teric. Finally, the compass glass is laid in, the ebony over it, and everything is sealed and fastened in place. Once everything is complete at last, Natanya slots in the Essentia she had purchased. With a small crunch...

...The compass in question is linked to a reference point in the form of the granite sphere here: https://forums.inkwellrealms.com/th...pplication-for-7navigators-grace-anchor.2206/