Arcane Tattoos

Arcane Tattoos

Introduction: The practice of binding mana into tattoos is a practice that various cultures have taken up in different manners. This medium can be approached from multiple different crafts; Artificing, Witchcraft, Somnic Crafting, some Alchemy, and even Ki.

Note: This magic is meant to be heavily Free Formed, but follows the restrictions of its parent system that is being used. As such tattoos made with Artifice need to follow the known teric runes and the restrictions Artifice has. These crafts can’t be completely mixed into each other to make a singular tattoo as their logic cannot normally communicate with each other.

Arcane Ink: The fundamental ingredient to all arcane tattoos, an arcane ink needs to be made regardless of the medium of art being used or the tools used to inscribe the tattoos on one’s body. This process usually requires mixing proper base inks and infusing them with at least mediocre essentia which will produce enough ink to perform a singular tattoo slot. Higher tiers of crystals don’t provide more Arcane Ink, but rather provide a higher quality Arcane Ink.

Body Slots: There is a limit upon one’s body as to how many Arcane Tattoos they can effectively fit as these tattoos need to have a moderate amount of intricacy on their own. Tattoos of tiers 1-3 require at least 1 slot while tattoos of tiers 4-5 need at least 2 slots. Tattoos can variably take up more slots to justify the power they provide.
  • Head: 1 slot
  • Torso: 5 slots
  • Arms: 2 slots
  • Legs: 3 slots

Mana Burn: Most tattoos require essentia charges in order to activate their abilities. The human body is not made to handle an unnatural surge of raw mana being activated upon them and as such, any charges activated from tattoos will deal (The number of charges used/2 rounded up) mana damage that ignores armor or trinket DR.

Item Format: The item itself will take a slightly different format than regular items and follows the Artifice format as described below. All tattoos will scale in charges that essentia crystals do and can’t provide situations such as “Has two charges and recharges with rare essentia,” in order to maintain balance with the above mechanic unless an alternative mechanic is provided.

[Rarity] | Item Name [Power Level (1-5)]
The enchantment effect is clearly stated in the function description.

Magical Materials: There is a high limitation on what may be used as it needs to be capable of being mixed into the ink and capable of being put inside one’s body without causing physical harm to them. This often requires the making of ink with liquids, saps, or through rituals.

Tattoo Permanence: These tattoos are long-lasting even should they lose their arcane infusions and as such conflict with any attempts of laying new tattoos over old ones.