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Founded by Valerie Mirage and Oliver Spring
The Dreaming Dragon
A modernized Ardelle bank



With a time of peace usually comes a time of prosperity, after we all braved the threat that Oblivion posed it is an unusually opportune time to improve our economy and infrastructure. The people are hungry for improvements to their quality of life now that their mentality has shifted from survival to seeking more comforts once again. One of those comforts is knowing that your possessions are secure, another is to know where to go if you require funding for your progression. This proposal is dedicated to focus on this first and foremost, with an additional incentive for some profit to keep the investors and employees happy.


Utilizing the technical talent of Oliver Spring and his resourceful solutions combined with my own expertise in security and experience in overseeing large-scale operations, we can ensure the safety of the bank with breaking-edge technology and infinitely complicated magical seals. With some government aid to develop an impenetrable building that can match the calibre of our personal measures, we have the potential to become the most advanced and airtight vault in the realm. The location should be central, but is up for discussion when or if this project has received the necessary approvals to proceed.


We will always do our best to cater to the needs of the people of our beloved city and aid them with their burdens whether that is to take out a loan for a business they’d like to start up or to insure the property they have already worked hard for. Once we have established a decent foothold we will expand our services with private security solutions, auctions and social housing. Transparency is one of our highest priorities, the client will be given a clear understanding of the procedures before being required to sign anything.

Loans and borrowing​

Personal Loan​

A personal loan is a type of loan where an individual borrows money for personal needs. Due to the nature of these types of loans, they generally have higher interest rates and a maximum return rate of 1 OOC month and can be paid in full or increments depending on the client’s wish. If the person borrowing fails to meet the deadline, they will have the opportunity to work it off or risk repossession.

Property Loan​

A property loan is a type of loan where an individual or business borrows money for a possession whether this is land, machinery or equipment. The bank will provide them the funds they require for the purchase, which they can then pay back over time or at their earliest convenience with a maximum return rate of 2 OOC months. Depending on the size of the loan a deposit or positive credit history might be required. If the borrowing party fails to meet the deadline, the property in question will become property of the bank with which they may do as they wish, which includes putting it up for auction.

Venture Loan​

A venture loan is a type of loan where an individual or business borrows money for the expansion or development of their guild. These types of loans might also be applicable to fund missions that need special equipment or provisions. The conditions of these kinds of contracts vary widely and can only be disclosed by an authorized representative. Usually these are paid back over time, with a maximum return rate of 3 OOC months though on occasion a share in the profits of the endeavour or a stake in the company might be enough to land one of these loans, the projected return rate of the stake in these ventures must be under 3 OOC months.

Joint Ventures​

A rather exclusive variant of a venture funding that is focussed on continued support from the bank and its experts to sustain certain operations that might require regular funding where the bank gets a permanent stake in the involved company or even include them in the Dreaming Dragon syndicate. What benefits they propose must be interesting enough for the bank to dedicate their resources to it, which makes these contracts highly unusual but potentially extremely lucrative for both parties involved. There is no set deadline as this is more of an investment than a loan, but if the company in question fails to meet the agreed upon arrangements and profit margins too many meetings in a row, the company will be absorbed into the syndicate under complete management of the bank.


Vaulting and depositing​

We guarantee top-notch security at the Dreaming Dragon. Not only will there be a permanent rotation of staff present at the bank to stand security, they will be equipped with the newest technologies and specializations to ensure that prized possessions and currency deposited will not only stand the test of time but can also endure any attempt at theft or infiltration. Our strict procedures when it comes to vetting employees, routines and surveillance will offer an unprecedented promise of safety. The details of these workings will be exclusive to select personnel with a mandatory non-disclosure-agreement.

Basic Accounts​

These everyday accounts are freely accessible to the client holding them. The standard opening fee for one of these accounts is a one time cost of 10 Glimmer, after which they may permanently access their personal vault which they can access with a security key. Additionally, they may request a 2 key locker that also requires the key of an authorized employee of the bank that will verify the owner’s identity or consent to access for an extra 10 Glimmer.

Premium Membership Accounts​

This subscription based service offers an extra layer of protection for the client. These accounts are mostly oriented towards the wealthier citizens that want absolute insurance that nothing can access their prized possessions. A sizable vault will be provided that can only be accessed after a unique identification process only disclosed to the owners of such accounts. They may choose to have a separate locker like the basic accounts where they may easily access a selected amount of funds or possessions, so the vault may serve as a long-term storage solution for the majority of their wealth. The price of this subscription is 25 glimmers per OOC month, which will automatically be taken out of your account at the end of each month. The security methods of these vaults are so intricate that most would consider them incomprehensible and are only accessible by authorized employees that are optionally selected by the owner of the account.

Insurance, Wills and Private Security​


Certainly not every prized possession can be stored inside a vault, think about a house or an exotic cat for example. In these cases, it is better to instead offer a guarantee through insurance so that if something were to happen to it, the bank may provide them with a partial or complete refund. Some of these contracts are rather specific, such as insurances exclusively in cases of theft or fire but can also be disclosed in a more general sense for a premium fee. Since these contracts are highly dependent on the risk factor of the possession in question, the terms are entirely custom and can only be closed off with personnel that have the necessary clearance to do so.


At the unfortunate time of your passing, it's important that your possessions go to the right individuals or causes. At the Dreaming Dragon we can provide official documentation which will guarantee that your wealth will be distributed as you desire. If you so wish, we can also arrange the conditions in which you would like to have your funeral as our final service to you. The declaration of a will is a one time cost of 10 Glimmer, with an additional 5 every time that it needs to be changed. The optional cost of a funeral depends on the scale, and is thus entirely up for discussion.

Private Security​

Since our security technology is so advanced, it would be criminal not to offer similar products to our clients with which they can keep their property safe, as prevention is much easier than dealing with the mess if you don’t. Customers of these security solutions may enjoy discounted rates on their insurances and can always contact our personnel for maintenance, support and back-up if necessary. If one of our alarms is triggered, we will send an appropriate amount of manpower to investigate and disarm whatever breach might be ongoing. Prices vary on level of security and scale of operation.


Whenever you have a large sum of glimmers sitting around doing nothing, we understand that you might wonder what to spend it on. At the Dreaming Dragon, we offer a variety of “pools” that investors can contribute to in order to get interest on their “stake”. Each of these pools is essentially an umbrella for projects that we vouch for, such as loans or insurance. The way it works is very simple, when we receive your investment it will be allocated to the pool. Let's say those glimmers were allocated to the loan pool, a farmer walks into the bank requesting the sum of 100 glimmers to get more farmland for their business. A pair of investors both have a stake of 100 glimmers in that pool, that means 50 of each of their glimmers will be used to supply the farmer. If each of the investor’s return rate is 10%, that means they will both receive 5 glimmers by the time the farmer has paid back their loan. A system is being developed where investors who have held their stake for a longer time will receive a higher return on their investment and whilst currently inactive, the stake of early investors will be considered for this system.

Loan Pool​

As the name implies, this pool contains all types of loans that the bank provides to it’s clients. From personal loans to ventures, this umbrella covers the wide range of borrowing from the Dreaming Dragon. Depending on the size of the investment, beginning at an entry of 200 glimmers, interest rates usually lie around five percent. We make sure to keep liquidity at hand in case an investor wishes to access their stake, if we cannot allocate the funds immediately the investor will be given a reasonable deadline for when their stake becomes accessible. Taking out their stake will however reset their staking rank, which means their interest might be temporarily lowered at their next deposit.

Insurance Pool​

This pool will be used in case the bank needs to pay out a client’s insurance claim, which means the investors will get a steady share of whatever rate the client pays for their property’s insurance. To negate the risk of insurance fraud, the Dreaming Dragon has their own team of investigators that work closely with the Ardelle Wardens to verify the claims.

Professional Services​

Business / Guild Accounts​

We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to organize the wages of your employees especially when you’re a growing company. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by having to follow up on different workers to take their cut from their weekly income. We offer a company locker where you may both store money for your guild and where your employees can deposit their share of their earnings. These accounts come with verification per default, which means one of the employees of the bank will have a separate key that is also required to open the locker, so nobody can access the funds unsupervised. As the cherry on top, the bank will provide you a balance sheet where you can easily track whether someone has paid their share. The opening price for one of these lockers is 20 Glimmers, with an additional cost of 5 glimmers per week to cover service costs.

Health Insurance​

Accidents are bound to happen, and even when they don’t, occasionally one of your employees might get themselves hurt or get ill. We personally treat the health of our staff with the utmost priority and would like to extend that offer to any other organization that shares this sentiment. Whilst the healthcare of Ardelle covers a wide variety of incidents, we offer this service to help cover the cost of any remedies that have to be paid for. For low risk organizations, this is a glimmer per registered employee a week. For their high risk counterparts, those fees are raised to 2 glimmers per registered employee a week.

Financial Consulting​

Whether you are negotiating the price for a new piece of land or simply wondering what you can do to improve the profit margins of your company, we offer professional financial advice and will happily represent you in monetary disputes and negotiations. If given insight into your books, we will do a full analysis of your organization and see where improvements can be made. The pricing for these consultations vary based on the scope of the operation and the size of the company.

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